Live from the Overworld
Recorded at the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo in June of 2016, “Live from the Overworld” features seven uniquely themed medleys from the sunniest side of the beach to the darkest depths of the forest. The band collaborated with flautist Ingrid Valou as well as Thomas Houlden, Michael Klein and Luis Pablo Melgar on horns.

Chaos Theatre
The Runaway Four’s independent studio debut “Chaos Theatre”. This 45 minute sonic journey contains 37 choice tunes from 31 video game titles, mixing popular favourites and hidden gems into 5 themed medleys. Arrangements from past performances were selected to build a dynamic narrative through the course of the album, intended to give the listener an adventure for the ears.


Our catalog

Over our 5 year history we have covered and performed a running total of
365 different video game songs. It isn’t all available to listen to online, but if you’ve ever
wondered “Have The Runaway Four done that?” now you can find out!