Tour 2019


That’s right, our first full-length West Coast tour happens THIS SUMMER from July 18th to 28th.We’ll be belly-clinging to San Diego sweethearts Kirby’s Dream Band as they come up and down the coast. We love these guys and their style and can’t wait to play with them. We’re hitting just about every major city in Oregon, Washington and California as well as playing a special show in Vancouver on our bass player’s birthday! To top it all off we get to perform at California Extreme, a well established convention in Santa Clara. This is gonna be huge!

Tour Schedule

July 18th – Portland OR, Twilight Cafe and Bar
July 19th – Seattle WA, The Royal Room
July 20th – Vancouver BC, LanaLou’s
July 21st – Arlington WA, Mirkwood Public House
July 22nd – Bend OR, Volcanic Theatre Pub
July 23rd – Redding CA, The Dip
July 24th – San Francisco CA, Neck of the Woods
July 25th – Reno NV, Dead Ringer Analog Bar
July 26th – Campbell CA, TBA
July 27th – Santa Clara CA, California Extreme 2019
July 28th – Los Angeles CA, 5 Star Bar


We’re coming to Penticton! The good folks at Penti-Con have seen fit to bring us out to their ever-growing convention June 8th-9th. We’ll be performing two sets on Saturday. See you there!

First 2019 vancouver show

Into the night, after the long lines have died down and the expo halls have closed their doors, determined nerds are out looking for more exciting ways to celebrate their fandom. It’s An Expo Afterparty at Red Gate Arts Society!

Day 1 of Fan Expo Vancouver, join The Runaway Four for a night of upbeat hits from objectively the BEST video games. R4 brings its classic mix of medleys, visuals, costumes and good times to the Red Gate stage! Keeping the lively vibes going through the night will be local chiptune artist bryface and video game DJ Jewel Maiden. This is the perfect time to lay back, enjoy a drink and take in the best of video game music that Vancouver has to offer!

Tribute Album 64 released!

This epic 87-track album is available NOW through Patient Corgi featuring over 200 musicians from around the world! We’re so happy to be a part of it. The album is available for FREE download at their bandcamp. Be sure to check out our track “American Dream Chaser” as well as the many other tracks including covers by our friends missingNo., The Koopa Troop, Kirby’s Dream Band and more!

MosaiCon Wrap Up

Hey, peeps! We’re just waiting at the ferry terminal in Nanaimo. We just played two sets at MosaiCon today and we had a blast! What an amazing crew at that event, we had people offering to record us, photograph us, book us at future events left, right and center. If you couldn’t make it, we highly recommend next year. It was extremely well done, and a special shout out to Marc Gervais and his crew for getting us out here and making it a breeze.

We announced it and we’re going to follow through! With Bonus Stage, tour and MosaiCon out of the way we’re finally going to bunker down on finishing our first studio album. We’ve got album art in the machine so once it’s all chewed and digested you’ll get a sneak peek here (and maybe a firm release date) in the next two weeks! Cheers, Nanaimo! See you again soon.

Portland, Flooding and Rescheduling

Well, last night at the Analog was a lot of fun, albeit it sparsely attended. It turns out that our friends The Dread Crew of Oddwood had a gig at Dantes last night as well so after we packed up we headed down and managed to catch their set. They were nice enough to give us a shout out on stage and we met the PDX Broadsides who had opened the night. A friendly crew all around, and it looks like we’ll be working more together in the future! Speaking of…

Our show in San Jose has unfortunately been cancelled due to flooding at AFK Gaming Lounge. The booker was nice enough to give us enough notice to cancel our accommodations without penalty and reschedule. We are deeply going to miss playing with Super Soul Bros. and vacationing in California, but we’ve got word that we’ll be welcome any other time we can make it down.

Amazingly, the Dread Crew of Oddwood were able to pull through and get us on their bill for tomorrow night at the Funhouse in Seattle. It’s nice to have a day off on tour to just vacation and be tourists. Currently, we’re chilling at Ground Kontrol debating whether we want to hang around for a comedy bill later tonight or head back to Seattle.

Seattle, Sunset, Kirby Krackle and Tom Miller

Last night was amazing! What a great start to tour.

The Sunset Tavern is a sweet venue. They have a large corner stage and a nice back room for concerts. The projector screen came down right in front of the stage, so we had to work around that, but the crowd still gave us a lot of energy and it was fun to play. Tom Miller opened the night with his original chiptune act, laying down some groovy and tight Roland keys with his automated compositions. This is an amazing sound and I highly recommend checking him out at his bandcamp.
We were so lucky to play with Kirby Krackle. E for Everyone is a nerd-rock classic and they played the whole thing front to back, barely taking time to breathe between songs. It was a high-energy set and they had the crowd in the palm of their hand. If you haven’t heard of them you must have been living under a rock. These guys have played all over North America from fests to cons to little gigs like ours. Again, we are lucky and thankful.

That’s all for Seattle. Just having coffee at Van Gogh coffee before heading out to Portland. See you on the road!

Runaway Four Hit the Road

It’s amazing to think that our first gig outside our hometown is going to be in another country.


Tuesday we cross the border to hit The Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA with chiptune artist Tom Miller and nerd-rock legends Kirby Krackle. We’re closing the night after Kirby Krackle around 10pm, and we’re going to kick off our set with an energetic arrangement for the old-school gamers.

Wednesday we make our way down to Portland, OR to play with acoustic duo Megathruster and chiptune artist Mechlo at the  Analog Cafe & Theater. The night will be hosted by DJ Switch who’ll be our MC and keep the room grooving between sets. We aim to be on around 9pm for all you early birds.

Thursday we get up early ourselves for a long drive down to San Jose, CA to play with the epic Super Soul Bros. at AFKgg Gamer Lounge. This will be the only free show on our brief tour, and we’ll be opening the night with our N64 Tribute album submission, American Dream Chaser (our tour’s namesake). We’re also excited to be collaborating with a few horn players from the Super Soul Bros. for a very special medley at the end of our set. We’ll kick the show into gear at 8pm!

We hope to be able to spend as much time experiencing these cities as possible. You can follow our shenanigans on any of our social media platforms, or come be a part of the shenanigans at any of the dates listed above!