VanRetro Crazy Times

I can’t believe that just happened. What a crazy day. Getting there at 7am, setting up the gaming tables, TVs and consoles, then the tech and bands… a personal thank you from me, Josh, to everyone who helped out and participated. The schedule in the theater went really smoothly and I was able to escape occasionally to actually enjoy the Expo. That vendor hall was incredible! What a sprawl of games and gamer goodies. There was so much to take in.

Thanks to all who showed up for our two sets at the end of the day. That was long and we were amazed to see the free games go mostly unattended during our performance. We had so much fun.

If you wondered about that lengthy set list, you can check it out here.

Now we’re looking forward to the summer, to our album underway, Bonus Stage 2 and a special tour that we’ll be announcing soon enough…



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