Vancouver Gamers to Trade in Their SPFs for XPs at Bonus Stage 2

Thanks for more coverage on Bonus Stage 2!

Factory Worker Media

Back in the days before climate change had cranked up the average seasonal temperature to cancel winter altogether, kids used to rejoice when the community news radio announcer confirmed that school buses were not running and that the rare educational respite – the Snow Day – was in full effect. Of course, as home video game systems had already started to compete for our recreational attention, outdoor activities seemed more like a punishment than a reward (how today’s Pokemon GO players must laugh!)

Bonus Stage 2 gig poster Bonus Stage 2 gig poster

Bonus Stage, then, is a snow day for the adult gamer who misses those long hours, spent geeking out over Super Mario Brothers or Final Fantasy, yet still enjoys hanging out every once in a while for an adjudicated debate on the pluses and minuses of Mario.

Josh Pendlebury, guitarist of local revelling geek/game quartet The Runaway Four says Bonus Stage is about “nerds in the…

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