Vancouver’s The Runaway Four were conceived as a mixtape love-letter to classic video game themes old and new. The four piece synth-rock outfit take an eclectic, all-inclusive approach to crafting tight and clever medleys that will appeal to gamers of all ages and tastes with an immersive live performance incorporating intricate costumes and dazzling synchronized visuals to further engage the audience.
R4 have been performing since 2014, appearing regularly at the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo and hosting independent productions such as Bonus Stage. They’ve traveled to conventions in Nanaimo, Prince George and Kelowna, and have performed MAGFest events in Santa Clara, CA and National Harbor, MD. Sharing the stage with established video game and nerd-themed acts, The Runaway Four have stood out for their unique medley style and deep cuts, keeping their repertoire fresh and bringing obscure music to the surface.


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