MosaiCon Wrap Up

Hey, peeps! We’re just waiting at the ferry terminal in Nanaimo. We just played two sets at MosaiCon today and we had a blast! What an amazing crew at that event, we had people offering to record us, photograph us, book us at future events left, right and center. If you couldn’t make it, we highly recommend next year. It was extremely well done, and a special shout out to Marc Gervais and his crew for getting us out here and making it a breeze.

We announced it and we’re going to follow through! With Bonus Stage, tour and MosaiCon out of the way we’re finally going to bunker down on finishing our first studio album. We’ve got album art in the machine so once it’s all chewed and digested you’ll get a sneak peek here (and maybe a firm release date) in the next two weeks! Cheers, Nanaimo! See you again soon.

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